Duke Adisere

Duke Asidere is one of nigeria’s most celebrated contemporary artists with a keen following international and in his native Nigeria. He was born in 1961 and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with first class honours in Fine Arts (painting) from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1988 as well as a Masters of Fine Arts in painting from the same university. He taught painting, drawing, and art history at the federal Auchi Polytechnic for five years before starting full-time studio practice in Lagos. He was mentored by Prof. Bruce Onabrakpeya and taught by Gani Odutokun, Jerry Buhari, Richard Baye, Tony Okpe, Cornel Agim, Ajayi Murphy, who had a profound impact on his life and artistic expression. His influence also come from the early 20th century fauvist inspired modern artists, as well as the expressionists. His peers who were born around Nigeria’s independence in the 1960’s have also had a positive impact on him, sch as the painter, Ben Osaghae.

Asidere expresses himself boldly through a wide variety of genre including pencil work, engravings, oil and acrylic, pastels and even transparencies. He was raised in the household of women, which is reflected in his recurring theme of the female form in his portraits and faces. His architectural series are a fresh perspective of African land- and cityscapes, and his number and spray series have underlining political statements.

He has participated in and facilitated numerous international and local workshops on painting, photography and drawing, including Colour Masters (Auchi Polytechic March 2011) and in a number of the annual Harmattan Workshop Series. Asidere’s passion for painting is reflected in the ‘Orelope Street Goes Global’ initiative in which he organizes painting and photography workshops with his colleague, James Uche Iroha, focusing on indoor and outdoor artwork.

Asidere has held 11 solo exhibitions and has been showcased in 43 joint exhibitions in Nigeria and Europe. His works are sought after by art collectors.

Timi Kakandar

(b.1973) began his creative career soon after graduating from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria in 1999.
He uses painting, drawing and collage to explore his fascination with the human form in relationship to the challenges, joy, and social political issues that emanate from living and working within the African space. His work exudes a profound intensity of bright raw colours and gestural lines that infuse a presence which powerfully engage the viewer. 
Timi reveals deftness in the composition of human forms with dramatic colours reminiscent of Fauvism.He is one of Nigeria’s prolific contemporary artists with a keen following internationally and in his native country.
Timi’s repertoire is widely collected globally. In over 2 decades of his studio practice, he has had 5 Solo Exhibitions and over 30 group Exhibitions within and beyond the shores of  Nigeria.
He lives and works in Lagos, he is a staunch member of the Society Of Nigerian Artists (SNA) Lagos Chapter.

Okedoyin Oluwatosin

Okedoyin Oluwatosin Luli is a praticing fine artist (painter), based in Lagos, Nigeria. His works are mostly portrayed in an abstract form and his choice of medium is Acrylic on canvas.
He acquired his OND in art and industrial design at the (Polytechnic of Ibadan) and further acquired his HND at the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH).
His paintings are usually imaginative, and are mostly surrealist and he claims that dreams and trances play an important part of the creative process of his works. This influence can be seen in his use of colours and abstract representation of figures.
Looking for a place of peace and contentment, he search for expression of himself on the materials he work with. Reflecting on this, He mix materials such as ( damask gele and all other yoruba traditional attire) to tell his stories to available audience or spectators. And also, He see intricacy of his work as a visual metaphor for the complexity of the subject matter he engage with.

Dominique Zinkpe

Donimique Zinkpe was born in 1969 in Cotonou, Benin Republic and is one of the most recognizable contemporary artists to emerge from Benin. His works is influenced by the country’s rich history and his immediate African surroundings. Zinkpe’s paintings have a surrealist quality – loose figures battle and swim in the canvas. Nurturing fertile women often appear in Zinkpe’s work recalling themes of desire and motherhood. He uses a mixture of oil, acrylics and found objects on his canvas and leaves large areas of empty space. 

Zinkpe’s paintings can be jarring and unsettling, informed by animism, religion and his own internal struggles. Zinkpe’s sculptures are no less arresting. Many of them consist of assemblages of carved wooden ibeji dolls that emerge the Yoruba concept of twinship. He was awarded the Prix Jeune Talent Africa in 1993 and won the Prix Umeoa at the 2020 Dakar Biennale

Samuel Tete-Katchan

Samuel Tete- Katchan ws born in 1975 in Togo and currently resides in Accra, his secondary school in 1997, he worked at the studio of Mr. Joseph Amedokpo, studying and developing his own style from the ‘Oshogbo Art’ from the south West of Nigeria. One year later, he started exhibiting his paintings. He attended the instituto Rural de Arte Hosz del Jucar (Albacete in Spain) in 2007.

Samuel Tete-Katchan, cultural agent, graphic designer and painter by profession has had on numerous occasions the opportunity to use Art as a medium for social development by working on various art projects having a direct impact on communities. He carried out several assignments on Public Art Projects in Cape Coast (Ghana) in collaboration with ICOMOS International and students of University of Virginia (USA)

He is the Director and Co-founder of Accra Center for Contemporary Art (ACCArt), a Non Profitable Organization. And has been representing ACCArt at various ART TALK programs and has made presentations on various topics such as ‘African Traditional Art’, ‘Naïve Art’, and ‘The Influence of Traditional Art in African Contemporary Art ’,‘ African Contemporary Art and Recycling Art. As consultant, he advises artists and a number of cultural institutes in Ghana and Togo. He is on Board of Culture and Member of the Committee of French Cultural Center Alliance Francaise of Accra. Samuel Tete- Katchan exhibited his paintings in Africa, Europe and USA. And his works had been sold in several autions.

Alex Nwokolo

Born in 1963 in the city of Lagos, Alex Nwokolo is one of the leading artists in the West Africa art scene. He enjoys music, painting, football, nature, traveling and trying his hands on new ideas. He works predominately in the medium of painting, but includes mixed- media to his genre.

Alex Nwokolo completed his Higher National Diploma (HND), with distinction at the Auchi Polytechnic School of Art and Design, Auchi, Edo State in 1991, followed by a Masters of Fine Art (MFA) at the University of Benin in 2020. Alex was the recipient of the America Award Price in 1991, in recognition of his artistic achievements in painting; the Guinness Certificate of Merit in 2004; he was honoured by the School of Art and Design, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi with the Excellence Award in 2010 and in 2014, he received the society of Nigeria Artists (SNA), Lagos chapter, Distinguished Masters Artists Award.

John Oyedemi

John Oyedemi is one of the foremost prolific painters to have emerge from the Zaria Art school. For more than two decades, he has been consistent in act of turning out paintigs hence, those who know him call him the “Master” painter. His painting’s vibrate colours, lines and textural depth in which they are rendered. He organic linear techniques influenced by Piet Mondrian seems to have been applied by the artist to create effect that gives his work a unique ambience. In recent times he explores the usage of white spaces usually dotted in dominant tones and bluish tonalities in varying degrees.

Reuben Ugbine

Reuben Ugbine was born of Nigeria parents in Anponya, Ghana, in 1956. He attended Urhobo College, Effierun, Warri. His artistic career began in Auchi Polytechnic where he obtained his diploma, with the “Overall Best Student” prize in Art, and the Higher Diploma in Sculpture (1977-1979) at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

He lectured at Auchi Polytechnic between 1980- 198 before retiring to fulltime studio practice.

Ugbine has been featured in many solo and group exhibition in Nigeria and also in Lebanon, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Ghana, and London. He popularized figurative terracotta based on traditional Nigerian costumes as well as the themes on everyday life of Nigeria people which he originated in 1982. His Forte is in wood carving which are generally impressive in scale and texture, either in figurative or mask form. He is also a very good painter.

Joe Essien

Joe Essien graduated from the prestigious art school of Auchi Polytechnic in Edo state majoring in painting (HND) 1996/97.

Highly decorated with numerous awards to showcase his proficiency in his scholastic pursuits, he proceeded for his mandatory national youth service in 1997 and successfully served with NYSC DHQ in Abuja and on his completion of service, he has been in full studio practice till date with numerous exhibitions and commissions to his credits.

Gerry Nnubia

Born on the 13th February 1966 in Enugu,Nigeria. Graduated from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu in 1988. Taught art briefly in Auchi Polytechnic, Edo state, Nigeria between 1988/1999.

From inception, Nnubias art is largely characterized by experimentations and a tendency to deviate from conventions, offering critical possibilities for creative art.’ In a career spanning about 30 years, Nnebia distinguished himself with such unique styles and individuality, thereby setting himself apart from the ordinary’ Bolanle Austen Peters (Mrs)

His versatility is demonstrated by engaging critical studies of animals, the environment, including flowers and global weather changes; deep human experiences such as family, culture, human experiences and endeavours.

Much of Nnubia’s novelty is a major point of discussion in the contemporary art among Nigeria artists. Gerry Nnubia was the immediate former social Director of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA)

Dieseye Tantua

Is best known for his iconic style of ‘Afro Pop Art’, combining graghic symbols, bold colours and expressive text. His drawing are based on traditional proverbs that are made popular by headboards and bumper stickers on buses, taxis, tricycles and street signs. Tantua focusses on social groups in urban spaces, often depicting forms of transit and movement. 

These scenes are overlaid with popular local depicting forms of transit and movement. these scenes are overlaid with popular local expressions that speak to the energy and dynamism of the city’s inhabitants. Diseye is the Vice President (south/ east) of the Society of Nigeria Artist (SNA) and an active member of The Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA). He has exhibited extensively home and abroad.

Luke Osaro

Luke Osaro was born in Lagos. He hails from Edo state. Luke is a contemporary sculptor, who obtained a Bachelor of Art at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

 Luke is a contemporary sculptor whose enduring passion for sculpting has constantly mirrored his perception of human environment as time and chance interplay with life. He loves to share his experience of human activities in bronze cast, bonded stones and fiber glass, as they live out friendship, love dreams and hope even in the anxiety of the unknown. Sculpture to him is all about new beginning, hope, refreshing, awakening, nature, creation, legacy and history.

He has participated in several group exhibitions home and abroad. He is a member of the society of Nigeria (SNA) and Art Zero group.

Afeez Adetunji

Afeez Adetunji was born in Lagos in 1986. He is from Ede Local Gorvernment, Osun state.

He is a self- taught artist. Learning from other talented artists has been part of hi training and development. He was born in a slum but didn’t let it define him. He started creating art at the age of ten where he picked objects to create something out of trash, which served as petty job for him to build himself as an artist and later began to experiment on traditional painting.

Adetunji trained under the watchful eyes of Donald Onuoha as an apprentice at Signature Beyond Gallery from 2003- 2007. After which he became a full time studio artist in a private studio in Lagos till date.

He works on canvas and wood. His woodworks are exceptional as he infuses recycled materials to create unique expressions. So is his colour application on the wood panel to give a sense of contemporary to the ancient medium.

Darlington Chukwumezie

Darlington is a multi-talented artist, hails from Anambra state, Nigeria. He is a self-taught artist who explores impressionism, graffiti, installation, cubism, and recycle art.

Darlington’s woodworks are highly intriguing, the nonchalant approach in his engraving, the choice of colors, and the relatable story behind every piece make it simply unique.

Darlington believes that art should be created daily for the soul to be natured. he is inspired by his environment and nature.

He has exhibited, both locally and internationally

Chukwuemeka Micheal Osisiego

Chukwuemeka Micheal Osisiego began his art career studying Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Nigeria Nsuka, where he majored in painting and graduated in 2007.

He participated in several residency programs, gallery art sales, exhibitions, auctions, dealt with private and public collectors both home and abroad.

Since art is often a vehicle for social change, communication with people from different culture, Chukwuemeka derives inspiration from his environment and nature evolving styles, colors, lines, and Africa traditional motifs, using a medium like acrylic on wood to evoke emotions drawn from experience from relating with other culture, beliefs, memories, and history.

He wants to use his art to influence society by changing opinions, instilling values, and translating experience across space and time.

David Olatunde Taiwo

Born in Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria. David Olatunde Taiwo attended the polytechnic Ibadan where he studied Fine and Applied Arts. He was also trained and monitored by various professional masters who had a great influence on his art in the areas of oil and acrylic painting, linoleum etching, Syntax stone sculpting, and printmaking.

His art is a fusion of African art form, motifs, and patterns with a contemporary art form which he calls African synthesis.All these he expressed on his works, especially the wood panels, which were inspired and motivated by works of great professional masters like prof. El Anasuie and Mr Gerald Chukwuma.

His uniqueness as an artist has been expressed through beautiful and mature works of art. His pursuit of a professional career in art is evident in the exhibitions he stages in galleries and open spaces in Nigeria and oversees.               

Adedotun Fashina

Adedotun Fashina is a self-taught artist who studied Business Administration at Yaba college of Technology (1998-2001). Adedotun draws inspiration from his environment, people and everyday life in the urban cities. Through his works, he hope to shed light on chaotic and unavoidable processes of urbanization in our globalized and over populated world. He is obsessed with cities filled with slums and shanty towns overflowed with crowds. His works highlight the major challenges faced in the urban cities. He is very vast in the use of oil. He has participated in several exhibitions.

Seye Morakinyo

Seye Morakinyo was born on 1979 in Igbo-ora, Ibarapa Central Local Government area, Oyo state, Nigeria. He studied Arts at the Federal Polytechnic Auchi in Edo state from 2000 to 2002 with OND certificate and subsequently proceeded for his HND and graduated in 2005 with distinction in painting.

He is a full time studio artist in Lagos. The fisrt year of his practice year was at Aina Onabolu Studio at the National Theater, Iganmu, Lagos as an artist in residence with other artists. He works in collages, pebbles and his meticulous linear expressions. You will find his expressions intriguing and spectacular. He has participated in several art shows and programs within Nigeria and abroad by proxy. He is an-house artist at Alexis Galleries, Nigeria.

He is a member of the society of Nigeria Artists. He lives in and works in Lagos.

Joseph Bidemi

Joseph Bidemi was born and bred in Jos, Pleteau State where his mother is from. He comes from the Yoruba tribe of Oyo state, Nigeria and now resides in Lagos, where he is currently practicing as a full time studio artist.

Bidemi graduated in 2012 from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts, specializing in drawing and paintings.

Greatly nursed by the anthropology of emotion, he enjoys the distinct movement of the palette knife, which he uses to achive tactile realism juxtaposed with subtle lines and strokes of vibrant colours. He has participated in various group exhibitions.

Bidemi is privately collected in Nigeria and internationally. Also a noteworthy mention is a couple of his works in the collection owned by King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

Samuel Olayombo

: born in Lagos State in 1991. His passion for painting started when he was in the senior secondary school. Samuel received his BFA at the University of Benin in Edo State in 2015.

Olayombo is interested in everyday human experience. His predominant character is the female figure with exaggerated long hair. He is not simply painting, but he hopes his paintings gives the viewer a feeling of optimism through his canvases colour, draughtsmanship, tone, drippings and writings.

Propelled by a strong passion to provoke thoughts through his creativity, the adventure has taken him through multiple creative phases as a landscape, still life, and figure composition. He is a full time studio artist. He lives and work in lagos.

Segun Aiyesan

He was born in Benin City, Nigeria on March 18, 1971. The second child among seven children. His fascination with nature and colours started quite early. He recalls himself fiddling with drwings and paints as early as four years old. As a young boy, his favorite hobby was collecting comics and trying to draw the characters. He cannot remember his parents helping to develop his talent at any point, so it was partially difficult for him since he did not get much encouragement.

Art propelled him to be better at many other things he had to do alongside, since he was free to indulge in it, as long as nothing else suffered.

He studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. While there, he was at the same time keeping himself busy, making and enjoying art.

Segun Aiyesan is a self-taught artist who has been practicing since 1997.

Emmanuel Duduu

Dudu Emmanuel was born in Benin City on the 5th of august 1974 to Itsekiri parents from Delta state, Nigeria, he had his early education there before proceeding to Auchi Polytechnic in 1995, graduating in 1999 with the award of higher national diploma (HND) after an initial award of ordinary national diploma (OND).

Dudu moved over to Lagos for full time studio practice immediately after his National youth service stint. He added a bachelors degree in Arts from the University of Lagos in 2007 and a masters degree in visual art history from the same school in 2012.

His works are widely collected, one of his repurposed art installations hangs on the main atrium of Maryland mall, Lagos, another stands inside Muri Okunola park, beside law schoo Lagos, his recent painting is also in the collection of Mohammed VI museum, Rabat, Morocco. He has to his credit over thirty group exhibitions and a Solo exhibition, with a total of five awards for artistic excellence; 

They include, first prize winner, ‘Spain through Nigerian Eyes’ An Art competition Organized by the Spanish Embassy in Nigeria (2006)

First prize winner, Imagining Venice’ An Art competition Organized by the Italian Embassy in Nigeria (2007

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