Presents Meet the DUDU’s II

A Joint Exhibition by
Emmanuel DUDU & Stanley DUDU


Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis


Bimpe Owoyemi

Gallery Statement

It is not uncommon in art to find works that emotionally engage viewers, which strikes an unproblematic fact of love and hope. It is proven that emotional responses are often regarded as the keystone to experience art.  Therefore it takes an exceptional craft man to strike that in his audience. The nature of the artist is not removed from his work that is the case of the two brothers whose works exude love and life.

Emmanuel and Stanley shared their childhood training and exploring art together which in the long run improve their individual skills in art.

Stanley’s love for uncompromising feminine splendor and nostalgic childhood narratives amongst other themes, he likes to express in various media particularly in charcoals and pastels, Stanley does not subscribe to the idea that one’s art must be restrained to a particular traditional belief or culture, instead, he prefers people to appreciate his work generally as a way of life. Stanley’s rendition of gray scales with charcoal and blends of pastel is unique and refreshing. His subject matter on relatable stories of everyday activities can never be more expressed with art tools.

In this second edition of “meet the Dudus”, Emmanuel has uniquely expressed his theme of hope, anticipation and love in his works, in series. The series “the wall of fame” for example, depicts the love story between Baba and his wife. The story of love, endurance and hope.  Another of such series is “the bridal train”. Emmanuel’s nonchalant, exciting behavior reflects on his works, making his artistic expressions unique and intriguing at the same time.

The Dudu brothers have taken the Nigeria Art Scene by storm by their intriguing themes and the representation of their works, again in this second edition of “meet the Dudus’ II”.

Meet the Dudus, experience their art, as they pour out feelings, thoughts, experiences, and emotions into every piece they created. Enjoy the tour!


Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis       

Curator, Alexis Galleries

September, 2020.

Your safety is our priority

To adhere to the pandemic precautions and guidelines instructed by the government, exhibition walk-in are supervised. Book a date and time to view the exhibition live. 

Partnership with Cerebral Palsy Centre

We are pleased to announce that the gallery will be partnering with Cerebral Palsy Center, known as cpcenter, they provide therapy and care for children with CP, grass-root awareness campaigns facing the challenges of raising children with CP, advocating for help and policy changes in favour of individuals living with CP and other disabilities, by donating part of the exhibition proceeds to its course.

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