About Alexis Galleries


In nine years, Alexis Galleries have engage in the presentation and dissemination of contemporary art in the media of painting, drawing, mixed media and sculpture. We have established ourselves rapidly as one of the best galleries in Nigeria, a meeting place for artists, collectors and enthusiasts of art.

We have supported artists to organize and showcase their works and talents through numerous exhibitions, as we desire to take the Nigeria artists to greater height in strengthening the ever vibrant Nigeria Art Circle.

Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis, founder and director of Alexis Galleries, is passionate about the arts that she dedicate her gallery and studio space to the development of growing artists, sponsoring and promoting artists in showcasing their works. With this ongoing, we have expanded our scope to include collaboration with NGOs in curating, organizing residency programs, workshops as well as yearly workshop and exhibitions  She also donate part of her proceed from her exhibitions to charity. She donate proceeds from different exhibitions for specific NGOs.

About the founder and director, Alexis Galleries

Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis was born in 1966 in Cotonou. She came to Nigeria on January 21, 1975 at the age of nine and grew uo in Kano State. According to her, she is a Nigerian in heart. She speaks four languages: French, English, Arabic, and Hausa. Chidiac-Mastrogiannis got her O and Alevel in England and she studied beauty therapy. She was seventeen when her father passed away and because “there was no other male figure, neither a brother nor an uncle in the family and being the youngest of four sisters, I started working in furniture, refurbishing homes and in the process learnt the art of interior decoration in Lagos”  

Her journey in the art sectors as a gallery owner and curator started about eight years ago, thus, Alexis Galleries was born, coined from her daughter’s name, Alexandra. According to her, the gallery business started like a joke. “It was a small gallery, but very effective. It had about eight exhibitions in a year, twenty-five exhibitions was hosted in the year 2019! The gallery has rapidly grown to be one of the best in Nigeria and a meeting place for artists, collectors and enthusiasts of art”.

Being the founder and director of Homestores and Alexis Galleries, Chidiac-Mastrogiannis is also an avid art collector and activist for artists. “I started collecting with two paintings I bought from an artist in Cotonou when I was nineteen. Then, I acquired two more paintings at the age of twenty-six. And the next one I bought was a painting of El Anatsu”.

Chidiac-Mastrogiannis is passionate about arts that she dedicates her gallery space and studio to the development of growing Nigerian visual artists. She also goes an extra mile to donate part of the proceeds from her exhibitions to charity. Since opening the gallery, she has enough to show for the eight years she has been in the business of art. She has hosted more than sixty exhibitions. At the moment, she is promoting about thirteen Nigerian artists and pushing their works to art lovers and collectors across the country and worldwide.

Chidiac-Mastrogiannis is a wife, mother and a woman who gives all to the Nigeria arts.


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